Stop Giveaways to Illegal Immigrants

America is a nation of immigrants, but Mike absolutely opposes rewarding criminal behavior and putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of our own citizens. All of Mike’s grandparents were immigrants who came to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their families. His maternal grandparents even persevered through Nazi concentration camps and eventually started a chicken farm in Buena.

As your Senator, Mike is fighting back to stop Phil Murphy’s far-left policies and restore the rule of law by:

  • Overturning Governor Murphy’s reckless Sanctuary State directive.
  • Opposing giving legal drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.
  • Opposing spending millions of dollars in tuition breaks and financial aid for illegal immigrant college students at the expense of our own citizens.
  • Supporting the elimination of Governor Murphy’s new department in state government that spends millions more on legal defense for illegals facing deportation.

Mike’s recent legislative package, “Jersey Comes First” makes good on these promises. The proposed legislative package, introduced in January 2024, will achieve the following:

  • Prohibits noncitizens from voting in local elections and conduct in office by local government officers.
  • Requires registered voters to present photo ID when voting at polling place.
  • Requires person convicted, or fleeing charge, of sex offense in foreign country to register under Megan’s Law; requires law enforcement to inquire about immigration status of sex offenders and cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
  • Prohibits municipal ordinance to create sanctuary city; establishes State and local employee ethics violation upon noncompliance with federal immigration enforcement request.
  • Repeals the Attorney Generals 2018 “Immigrant Trust Directive.”
  • A resolution to urge Congress and the President to enact immigration policies that better serve the national interest.
  • Directs AG to enter into agreement with U.S. Attorney General to empower certain corrections officers to investigate immigration status of inmates.
  • Requires chief law enforcement officer or Superintendent of State Police to notify federal immigration authorities when non-citizen applies for firearms purchaser identification card or handgun purchase permit.