Invest in South Jersey Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure

New Jersey is still lagging behind, and South Jersey continues to get the short end of the stick compared to residents in the North. The result isn’t just a tepid job market and lack of economic investment in South Jersey, but negative consequences for the health, education and safety of our population, especially children. In fact:

  • Cumberland County has the highest rate in the state of children not graduating high school on time, one of the largest populations of children living below the poverty level, and the highest rate of low birth weight babies.
  • Cape May County consistently has the highest unemployment rate in the state and the highest percentage of children with reported cases of child abuse or neglect.

In part, these tragic statistics are the result of Democrats controlling the state legislature and the legislative seats in this district since the early 2000’s. Mike will work to reverse these numbers by bringing serious economic investment to South Jersey – like the completion of Route 55, which has been promised for decades by Democrat legislators. He will also seek a dedicated source of funding for addiction and treatment centers in South Jersey to compassionately address the addiction crisis gripping our communities.