Reduce Taxes, Spending & Debt

New Jersey is the highest taxed state in America and people are fleeing our communities at a faster rate than any other state, led by New Jersey high school graduates who are migrating to low-tax states at a record pace.

Furthermore, New Jersey politicians have currently incurred over $200 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities for our 9 million residents. That means every man, woman and child in our state would have to cough up over $20,000 in new taxes to cover what we already owe. This is insanity! It’s time for a new approach, and that why Mike will:

  • Sponsor legislation that requires a two-thirds supermajority vote of the legislature to raise any state tax and prevents the Governor and Legislature from relying on one-time revenue injections to balance the state budget.
  • Support school funding reform that reduces property taxes on suburban and rural communities, stops throwing money at failing schools in urban areas, and gives every child in the state an ability to pursue a high-quality education no matter their zip code.
  • Require voters to approve any new state debt at the polls in November. If the politicians in Trenton want to add more debt, they need to specifically ask the voters for permission to do so.  
  • Repeal ridiculous new taxes like Governor Murphy’s “rain tax” and reverse the law that allows the new gas tax to be indexed based on revenue, which effectively guarantees gas tax increases with no end, and an even larger burden on New Jersey’s struggling middle-and-working class families who rely on their cars to commute and raise their families.