Join the Fight for a BETTER New Jersey!

I don’t apologize for my values and principles… I LEAD with them.

That’s something New Jersey is in desperate need of right now, unfortunately. During one of the greatest challenges in our lifetimes, we’re seeing the worst failures of government in Washington, D.C., and Trenton, at the worst possible time for the rest of us.

While South Jersey businesses and workers are desperate to earn a living, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are trying to get us hooked on government handouts “funded” with trillions in debt and no plan to reopen or rebuild our economy.

And at a moment of crisis when the government needs to be listening to constituents and voters, Phil Murphy is turning a deaf ear to the people who pay his paycheck. He actually told people struggling with his failing unemployment system to “go to another state.” New Jersey deserves better from Governor Murphy.

I refuse to back down from the fight to make New Jersey BETTER. We need to REOPEN our small businesses and get our citizens BACK to work! That’s why I’m asking YOU to stand with me and support efforts to get the Garden State moving in the right direction again. 

I hope you will join this fight for responsible, sane, conservative leadership for New Jersey.

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