Middle Township Mayor Timothy Donohue Announced His Support for Mike Testa for State Senate in Legislative District 1

“Cape May County is a Republican stronghold with proud conservative voters who deserve a State Senate candidate that will lead us to victory in November. Mike Testa is that guy. For more than 10 years, Democrats have clung to our Senate seat by pretending to be Republicans at home while voting for Democratic Leadership in Trenton,” said Mayor Timothy Donohue. “Let’s be clear, Bob Andrzejczak supports Governor Murphy and will continue to support Democratic Leadership that will always look at taxpayers as a piggy bank.”

“Cape May County Republicans are fighting for common sense, conservative solutions every day. But we get nothing but empty promises from our current State Senator,” Donohue said. “We need a Senator who gives more than lip service to the values we hold dear. We need a fighter to stand beside us who won’t back down in Trenton. We need Mike Testa in the NJ State Senate!”