Testa to Introduce Bill to Fund Removal of Abandoned Boats

March 21, 2022  Contact: Brad Schnure / (609) 847-3600

Senator Michael Testa announced plans to introduce legislation to fund the removal of abandoned boats from New Jersey’s shorelines and waterways.

“Local governments and property taxpayers simply do not have the capacity to fund the lengthy and expensive process of hauling away and disposing of all the derelict boats that wash up in their communities,” said Testa (R-1). “It’s clear we need a State fund to pay for the removal of abandoned boats that litter our coasts, bays, and rivers.”

Testa said his legislation follows an eye-opening story this weekend by NJ.com reporter Steven Rodas.

“A comprehensive approach to the abandoned boat problem with dedicated funding for a statewide program is needed and needed soon,” said Testa. “I am working on legislation that will be introduced in the New Jersey Senate shortly to address the problem in a comprehensive manner.”

As the recent report noted, abandoned vessels create a multitude of problems.

“Junked boats look horrible to visitors and locals alike, but the real problems are far worse,” Testa added. “They pose a serious navigation hazard for boaters, and they threaten our fisheries, marine businesses, and the fragile environments of our oceanside and bayfront towns. Abandoned boats pose a risk we cannot afford to ignore.”