Last Week on Team Testa

Conservative Behind the Wheel

Have you seen our latest campaign ad?

Governor Murphy and liberal Democrat Bob Andrzejczak have given MILLIONS of dollars to illegal immigrants for college tuition — slashing funding for our own schools and driving up our property taxes in the process.

We CANNOT stand by and continue to allow Trenton Democrats’ reckless tax and spend agenda to punish South Jersey taxpayers. If you’re ready to send a true conservative Republican to Trenton, VOTE for Mike on November 5th!

CLICK HERE to Watch the Ad.

Help Us FLIP the First!

South Jersey NEEDS a conservative check and balance in Trenton. As our next State Senator, Mike Testa, Jr. will:

✅ Push to REDUCE taxes
✅ Demand an END to Murphy’s dangerous Sanctuary State
✅ Fight to RESTORE millions of dollars cut from our schools by Democrats

END one-party Democrat rule in Trenton — VOTE for Mike Testa for State Senate and the entire Republican team!

Team Testa on the Trail

Thank you to all the fraternities who participated in today’s #SuperSaturday across #LD1. It’s through the hard work of Young Republicans that we will #FlipTheFirst & take South Jersey back from liberal Democrats who are literally destroying our state.

I’m proud to stand with Cape May County Sheriff Bob Nolan as he continues to push back AGAINST Governor Murphy and liberal Trenton Democrats’ dangerous Sanctuary State initiative. It was great seeing so many folks out at the Sheriff Rally Friday night!

Thank you to all who attended Monday night’s fundraiser!

Thank you to the New Jersey Republican Party for having me last Saturday! Together, we can #FlipTheFirst and lead a #CumberlandCountyComback this November!


The countdown to Election Day is ON! Will you help us continue to spread the word about Mike’s conservative campaign to take back our state?

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Team Testa