Mike Testa Jr. Released the Following Statement in Regards to the Resignation of Lizette Delgado

“On March 12th, I called on Governor Murphy and Democrats like my opponent Bob Andrzejczak, to call for the immediate resignation of Lizette Delgado as NJDSC Vice-Chair,” Mike Testa, Jr., GOP Senate candidate in the 1st Legislative District, said. “Sadly, Governor Murphy heaped praise on Ms. Delgado instead of holding her accountable for turning a multi-billion dollar state agency into a patronage pit for her friends and family. Down here in LD1, Senator Andrzejczak did what he always does when Democrats misbehave – absolutely nothing.

“This whole episode proves why we need a real Republican elected to the Senate to represent South Jersey. When push comes to shove, Bob Andrzejczak will stay silent and toe the Democrat line, no matter how bad their policies are for our region.”

“If Bob Andrzejczak was willing to tolerate an unethical insider like Lizette Delgado as the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party, I question how bad it has to get before he speaks up and does the right thing, regardless of party.”